Bounty Program

MegaEther decided to run Social Media Campaign Bounties for MEGA's angels. The total reward upto 300 ETH


* The event will end at Oct 05 2019 and the prize will be deposited automatically to your wallet.
Rank Username Total members Rewards

General Terms

- Rewards are given in the form of an assessment. Each campaign will have its own rating depending on your contribution.

- We have a right that does not to accept any member without clarifying the reason.

- We have a right that changes the bonus rules at any time during the campaign.

- If you have any questions regarding the bonus campaign, please only post them in this topic.

1. Twitter campaign (Total Rewards 50 ETH)

- You must follow our twitter

- You must have atleast 500 followers

- Your followers must be real and will be checked with

- Your twitter account have to be registered before Mar 2018

- Your twitter account should not have more than 15,000 tweets.

- Your twitter account should have atleast 5 tweets a week.

Registration HERE

Spreadsheet HERE

2. Facebook campaign (Total Rewards 50 ETH)

- You must follow our facebook page

- You must have atleast 1,000 real friends, 1,000 followers.

- Top 10 latest post must have real interactive.

- Your post about us must have atleast 500 words.

- Your livestream event must have atleast 15 minutes, 50 comments, 150 likes, 150 shares and atleast 3000 views.

- You will get double reward if your review post has been pined in the group that has more than 30,000 members.

Registration HERE

Spreadsheet HERE

3. Blog campaign (Total Rewards 50 ETH)

- You can write a blog or an article

- Your article must be original, not a copy from somewhere else.

- Your article can be viewed in public.

- Your article about us must have atleast 2500 words.

- If you post into multiple websites then make sure the content is unique.

- Your article should have atleast 1 link of our website.

Registration HERE

Spreadsheet HERE

4. Youtube campaign (Total Rewards 50 ETH)

- You channel must have more than 5,000 subscribers

- Your latest video must have more than 2,000 views.

- Your video about us can be viewed in public and have more than 15 minutes (multiple languages are acceptable).

- Your video should have atleast 1 link of our website.

- The voice in the video is must from the real human.

Registration HERE

Spreadsheet HERE

5. Telegram campaign (Total Rewards 50 ETH)

In order to win the prize, the hunters have to show up the awesome message about the MegaEther in the MEGA's Telegram group:

- You have to use the real account, post the message manually.

- You have to post the awesome message about MegaEther project.

- You have to stay in the group until the event end.

- Your name and avatar have to be comfortable and relevant.

- You have no permission to copy the other messages.

- You can post the understanding question and answer.

- Your automatical message, question, answer will be not allow.

- Do not discuss about the price of MEGA.

The most active members will have highly chance to win the prize.

Registration HERE

Spreadsheet HERE

6. Ref bounty campaign (Total Rewards 23.5 ETH)

In order to encourage the active members. MegaEther have the prize for top 10 of members who invite the most real members.

  • Top 1 - the Winner : 10 ETH
  • Top 2 : 5 ETH
  • Top 3 : 3 ETH
  • Top 4 : 2 ETH
  • Top 5 : 1 ETH
  • Top 6 : 0.5 ETH
  • Top 7 : 0.5 ETH
  • Top 8 : 0.5 ETH
  • Top 9 : 0.5 ETH
  • Top 10 : 0.5 ETH

Registration HERE

Spreadsheet HERE